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Pamela Crowe

Springboard Artist 2017 – 2019

"I dared myself to apply for the Springboard programme and was accepted, and a series of extraordinary things has happened since."

Pamela Crowe is a text-based artist from Yorkshire whose work focuses on female options and female passivity. She is also part of the Creative Mothers Project who aim to give a space for Leeds based mothers to maintain their creativity.

"We accessed training, opportunities to shadow experienced artists and we got to deliver our own Family Art Workshop."

It was through facilitating the workshops Pamela felt the Tetley encouraged her to further her potential as an artist and become involved in other activities within Leeds.

"Having that connection to the Tetley gave me confidence to pursue these opportunities, it felt like a foundation stone that could enable new things, and it did. I'm particularly grateful to Taneesha Ahmed, the Participation Producer at the Tetley, she's been really supportive."

Pamela's involvement in the Springboard programme led to a positive change in both her work and creativity. For this, she thanks the Tetley in encouraging her creative practice.

"It was the catalyst for everything changing, both in work terms and on a personal and creative level. Being accepted on the Springboard programme helped validate my creative practice and self-belief. I've become for more vocal about my art and more assertive at approaching other professionals and organisations about the work I'm producing. My work in arts education also helps me reflect on my practice and where I go next; you're constantly in conversations with people. I've started writing again and I'm producing text-based work about love and submission within classic fiction. I have a number of projects that I'm really excited about. Within just two years, everything looks different and I'm so glad I took that initial leap and applied to the Tetley."

As a practicing artist, Pamela Crowe gained from an experience like this in being able to get her work out there.

"Have people see it and question it. So exposure is really important. I also recognise the value of collaboration and community: so much becomes possible if you have even just one person helping to reinforce and make sense of what you do; the artist collective that I am part of is proof of that. So, being part of a creative community is one of the things I most wanted (and needed) to grow from Springboard and it really made it possible. Visibility and connection are fundamental."

Pamela Crowe continues to run workshops in the Tetley; upcoming workshops can be found here.

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What is Springboard?

Springboard is a free year-long arts education and participation training programme at the Tetley. We work with artists who are students, recent graduates, or 'early career' artists by exploring and supporting their development in arts education and participation. This training is followed by shadowing opportunities to develop and deliver their own session.

If you want to support more emerging artists like Pamela Crowe, then please contact to find out more.

[Last Updated: March 2019.]

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