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Saelia Aparicio

Exhibiting artist 2017 – 2018

"The Tetley is Leeds soft spot"

Saelia produced the exhibition, Your Consequences Have Actions, at The Tetley in 2017–18. As well as sculpture, murals and film works, : 'Be humble' was a gigantic mural on the Atrium wall, "sprawling in the guts of the building, and a series of human stools made in plywood."

"I think I take things more as a sponge and I filter them through a slow digestion process. I see life more as a nebulous than as a clear story line, with its milestones. What I know it is that the experience at the Tetley was amazing, I really enjoyed it, I learnt a lot and met super nice people in Leeds."

On Saelia's experience of working with us at The Tetley:

I overcome my fear of heights, just because I wanted to be on top of an scaff to make the big mural. I thought I was never going to be able to do that and I think I shift from a rat mentality to a squirrel one. Also, the day I was painting the mural and people came to see me was nice, and I was never able to paint with an audience before. But also, in a human level I really liked how The Tetley was run, and how friendly, helpful and welcoming the staff was.

She also liked to generate an atmosphere of weirdness for the audience, "like a self contained micro world inside the Tetley".

To see more of what Saelia's been doing since her time with us, follow the link to her website or her follow her on social media below.

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Image Jules Lister

Saelia Aparicio, Your Consequences have Actions, 2017. Photo Jules Lister

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