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Black Lives Matter

The Tetley stands in solidarity with those protesting against the racial oppression and violence faced by Black people in the UK, the US and across the world. We believe in equal rights and opportunity, in the arts and in life and society. Black lives matter.

The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis draws a parallel with the story of David Oluwale, a British-Nigerian who drowned in the River Aire after being systematically abused by members of the Leeds City Police force in 1969. Oluwale was chased into the river just metres from where The Tetley now stands, and it is a part of the city's story and history that we confronted through our exhibition and public programme in 2019.

However, as an organisation we must do more. We must continue to challenge and change ourselves, and our sector, be stronger advocates, and more actively use the voice we have. As a part of this, we have invited a series of blogs from partners, artists and curators we have worked with to reflect on current events, raise awareness, and to bring about new ways of working for ourselves and for the sector as a whole.

We will publish these as they are produced and make them available through our social media and website.

The first of this series is a blog by Max Farrar, of the David Oluwale Memorial Association, reflecting on the history of racism in Leeds, and more widely in the UK, and raising awareness of the groups fighting for racial justice in Leeds.

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