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Hold Your Horses & The High Dam Exhibitions Launch

6 February 2020

18:00 – 20:00

Free, All Welcome

The Tetley warmly invites you to the double exhibition launch of Taus Makhacheva: Hold Your Horses and Emii Alrai: The High Dam. 

Join us for a night of speeches, with complimentary drinks on arrival and the first official viewing of the exhibitions!

Taus Makhacheva: Hold Your Horses
7 February - 10 May 2020

Hold Your Horses speaks to the traditions of history-making and the experience of everyday life. Makhacheva's position isn't nostalgic; instead she creates stories and even superheroes through a playful process of mixing, borrowing and assimilation. Often drawing from daily life in Dagestan and the Caucasus region of Russia, Makhacheva reflects on the day-to-day rituals, celebrations and instances of everyday heroism with a playful and humorous tone.

Included in the exhibition will be ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) Spa, 2018, commissioned for Liverpool Biennial 2018. Visitors are invited to book a unique 30 minute Sculptural Signature Facial, posing the question of what it means to be a restorer, or to be restored.

Emii Alrai: The High Dam
7 February - 10 May 2020

In a new solo exhibition, Leeds based artist Emii Alrai will present an ambitious sculptural installation taking the form of a full-scale, five metre long boat, based on a bitumen formed model found in an Ancient Akkadian gravesite.

The High Dam will ask audiences to confront the history of the reconstruction of Middle Eastern artefacts and monuments in Western museums, whilst addressing ideas of identity, including the inherited and fragmented nostalgia between Britain and the Middle East.

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