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Family Art Workshop - Create a family mascot

1 March – 31 March 2021

Welcome to our resident family artist of the month, Leeds based artist Helen Gibson, professionally known as The Perky Painter!

In this month's Family Art Workshops, Helen will be inviting you to explore what makes your family special. You'll be using animal features to create a family mascot, championing the qualities and attributes that you see in your family members.

The use of animal representation of human qualities is an age-old tradition, from spirit animals and animal totems to cartoons and sport mascots. Here we celebrate individual qualities and family bonds through creative expression. This is a wonderfully unique exercise, personal to us and our family, influenced by our views, relationships and likes.

Helen's whimsical characters and brightly coloured paintings are instantly recognisable. Drawing inspiration from her playful imagination and love of animals, Helen's unique perspective looks beyond the everyday into a vivid world of colour, texture and personality

Join Helen for an hour of interactive online family fun on:

Or take part now with Helen's 'How-to' video and downloadable activity sheet. You'll learn how to create your family mascot using a comic strip template and action cut-outs. Download the activity sheet here and watch the 'how-to' video below

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