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Harlan Whittingham: In Pristine State

4 September 2019

18:00 –

Free, Donations Welcome

Harlan Whittingham presents a selection of moving image work from the Lux Collection.  Within this programme, an array of different people, all partially or fully hidden from view, are revealed to us through their engagement with a multitude of different objects.

In each of these videos desire is expressed onto or through the objects in order to explore a myriad of different themes. We are given space and time to reflect on the ways our desire is constructed alongside the objects which surround us, use personal possessions to speculate over others, confront narratives of objectification and transgress notions of value.

This programme is supported by The Tetley as part of Tetley's Associate Artist Programme. Find out more here.

  • Makeup – Make Down, Sanja Ivekovic (1978, 5 mins 29 seconds)
  • unusual Red cardigan, John Smith (2011, 13 mins 44 seconds)
  • Still Life – White Textiles, Grace Ndiritu (2007, 5 mins 5 seconds)
  • At the House of Mr X, Elizabeth Price (2007, 20 mins)
  • Colon Hyphen Asterix, Charlotte Prodger (2012, 11 mins)

Courtesy of John Smith and LUX, London

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