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Past Projects

Jack Pell: Deep Sea Graffiti

12 March – 19 March 2021

The Tetley presents a digital showcase of a new film by Jack Pell. This new work, Deep Sea Graffiti, was made during Pell's time on Tetley's Associate Artists' Programme (TAAP). 

You can now see Deep Sea Graffiti though Jack Pell's website

Jack Pell (b. 1994, Beverley, UK) is an artist based in Leeds. His films combine a fantastical hybrid of sci-fi, history and folklore. In a world of surreal humour and psychedelic imagery, characters recite verses pieced together from history books. The narratives take the form of otherworldly folktales, exploring class divides, forgotten histories and imagined futures. He exhibited in Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018 (Liverpool John Moores University and South London Gallery). He also co-founded the artist-led space Freehold Projects in Leeds City Centre. 

Deep Sea Graffiti, Jack Pell, Moving image (2021).

The film is set in the submerged streets of Britain or 'Briea' after a complete environmental catastrophe where the country has flooded and now lies deep at the bottom of the ocean. The humans that once lived there are gone. Ichthyssey is the sole protagonist and narrator of the film. He takes the audience on a tour of Yorkshire or 'Yorea'. He points out graffiti left behind by his distant ancestors: 'The Aleans', using it as a starting point to talk about the history and culture of this long lost society.

Interview between artist Jack Pell and Georgia Taylor Aguilar, Artist Development Curator.

Accompanying these films is a talk between Jack Pell and Georgia Taylor Aguilar, Artist Development Curator at The Tetley. We'll explore Jack Pell's new work, storyboards and raw unedited footage to get an insight into Jack's making process. 

Tetley's Associate Artist Programme (TAAP) is generously supported by Tetley's Beer.

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