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Masterclass in Oil Painting

14 March – 15 March 2020

10:00 – 16:00

£160, All Welcome.

During this two day intensive workshop, you will master your own oil portrait painting created directly from a live model. With expert tuition and guidance along the way, you will develop your observational skills, painting techniques, understanding of colour and colour mixing and learn how to pursue the realist method.

The focus will be on the philosophy of seeing as an artist, to gain a deeper understanding of the main fundamentals of painting from life. There are underlying rules which can be pushed and broken, though it is important for them to be understood before an individual and expressive style can be developed.

Brief description of course

  • The class will run for two days on 14 & 15 March, from 10am-4pm with an hour break for lunch in between. The aim will be to complete a portrait painting from life.
  • The first part of the session will contain a detailed description of the materials, the properties of oil paints and mediums, how to gain control of the paint and use it successfully, and the method that we will be taking to complete the portrait. 
  • We will do some quick preliminary drawings in charcoal in order to understand the method and gain some confidence in working from life. 
  • After lunch, we'll then complete the first part of the painting, a monochromatic underpainting, and work on this phase until the end of the first day.
  • The second day will focus on colour and the use of a limited palette once our underpainting is completed. We'll work on organising our palette successfully, how to mix skin tones, understanding warm and cool tones, and the value of shadow and light.
  • Following this, we'll then slowly work up to the details, developing the portrait slowly to a finish.

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*Please note, every participant will be required to bring a list of materials detailed > here.

Your Tutor
Luke Thompson is a portrait artist based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. His process is based around the classical methods of portrait and figurative drawing and painting, bringing to light the vital techniques of the past into contemporary practice. Whilst working on current projects, he is taking commissions and running regular workshops, including our previous Portrait Course for Beginners (Graphite & Charcoal) class in 2019. More information available here.

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