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Superheroes of Leeds

We're on a mission to celebrate the heroic acts that make our city the wonderful place it is.

Your superhero might not wear a cape, they may not be saving the world but these are the real everyday superheroes of Leeds who make their small piece of our city infinitely better, one heroic day at a time.

Who's your local super hero?

Maybe you've witnessed unimaginable feats of resilience from Captain Creativity, as they manage to think up new ways to keep their kids entertained every day?

Or have you come into contact with Leaf Blower Man, who's keeping the streets safe by making mountain ranges with piles of slippery leaves?

If you know of someone who's been a real creative superhero, whatever shape or form, they're your superhero and we'd love to hear more about them...

All you need to do is send us your photos, paintings, videos, or written pieces and we'll celebrate these superheroes as part of our upcoming 'Superheroes of Leeds' exhibition.

Download a postcard template for your creative submission here

Or download a poster to help us spread the word here


How do I submit my sightings?

email - send your submissions to

Instagram - Tag us on Instagram #superheroesofleeds @the_tetley

In person - send or deliver your submissions to The Tetley, Hunslet Road, Leeds, LS10 1JQ

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