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Past Projects

The Scientific Method

22 October 2016

Lecture, Dialogue and Demonstration

How do we make sense of today's information overload, from post-truth politics to mind-boggling quantum physics and neuroscience? The Scientific Method showed how artists have revealed the structures and systems of knowledge that we consume daily, subverting the accepted and confounding the expected.

This exhibition brought together recent moving image works by artists such as Amelia Crouch, Patricia Esquivias, Sian Robinson Davies, Liz Magic Laser, Kate Liston and Yuri Pattison, alongside drawings by KP Brehmer and works by John Latham, Semiconductor and John Smith presented in association with LUX.

Some artworks appropriated a faux-scientific rhetoric, others highlighted the potentially unanswerable questions of contemporary science, or employed humour and irreverence to puncture conventional wisdom. Departing from the objective knowledge sought by the classical scientific method, these artists often foreground the bodily, the personal or anecdotal.

Amelia Crouch, Spectral Evidence, 2016. Courtesy of the artist and The Tetley.

Patricia Esquivias, Folklore ll, 2008. Courtesy of the artist and The Tetley.

Semiconductor, Do you think Science, 2006. Courtesy of the artist and The Tetley.

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